Multiple Utilizations of Drupal


Drupal, the AMP-based CMS, has been used as back-end system for 1.5% of all the Websites running worldwide. These include government Websites, political sites, and corporate Websites. Twitter has recently switched to Drupal for its Developer Website. There are 10,500 free and extendable modules are available in Drupal community. In this write up, we will have a look on the different types of Websites running on it. You can have a look on them and think why to use Drupal to run your own Website.


Blog is a blend term of Web log and it indicates the personalization of an author with his/her readers. Drupal is considered to be more difficult than others when it comes to setup a blog. However, Drupal has more features than any other CMS presented in the market to help you in establishing a fully-featured and secured blog. Following are two blog Websites running on Drupal:

Nimbu Pani

A Simple Blog running on drupalA Simple Blog running on drupal –

Wise Bread

fully featured blog network on a fully featured blog network on Drupal

News Portal

News Portal takes a long time to get success in the online market, but when they are successful their visitors’ rate is more than other Websites. Drupal has the capability to handle the continuously increasing traffic with its sophisticated architecture. That’s why The New York Observer runs its Website on Drupal.


ABC CBN News Website DrupalABC CBN News Website Drupal


Blottr News Website is also established on DrupalBlottr News Website is also established on Drupal

Online Magazines

Like News Portal, Online Magazines needs better traffic handling, more security, and a lot of add-ons.  Following are two popular magazines running on Drupal:

Open Magazine

Open World Magazine on DrupalOpen World Magazine on Drupal

Stand Point

Stand Point Magazine on DrupalStand Point Magazine on Drupal

Ecommerce Website

Although Drupal does not come preinstalled with a shopping cart yet it has always opened its doors to integrate any other cart either it is open-source or a paid one. One can easily integrate Ubercart with Drupal and setup an ecommerce Website.


An ecommerce Website running on DrupalAn ecommerce Website running on Drupal

JCK Trade

A localized ecommerce Website based on DrupalA localized ecommerce Website based on Drupal

Educational Sites

Drupal offers one-stop solution to the educational sites with its advanced framework and open-source nature. The Institutes and Universities can use this CMS to run their Web-based and local-hosted Intranet Sites. Following


Davis Applied Technology College runs its Website on DrupalDavis Applied Technology College runs its Website on Drupal

Portland State University

Portland State University Website on DrupalPortland State University Website on Drupal

Music Sites

One can modify the Drupal default framework and host a music hosting Website on it. Following are two famous examples:


MTV UK Website is running on DrupalMTV UK Website is running on Drupal

Warner Bros. Records

Warner Brothers Records on Drupal

Photo Blog

A photo blog is not ordinary Website instead it is an artistic piece by its owner or designer. Give shape to your imagination by employing Drupal to create your photo blog.


MyFinePix is a nice example of both a Photoblog and an Image sharing Website from Fujifilm. Yes, it is powered with Drupal. is running on is running on Drupal and has a Photoblog section too

Social Networking

You can also use Drupal to run a social networking Websites. Let have a look on two great examples.

Going on

Goingon a social network WebsiteGoingon, a social network Website, powered by Drupal

Design Bump

Design Bump on DrupalDesign Bump on Drupal

Community Websites

If there are Social Sharing Websites then why not to include the Community Websites running on Drupal. Here are two of them.


Gujjuweb a community Website of Gujarati People on DrupalGujjuweb, a community Website of Gujarati People on Drupal

Developers’ Portal

Drupal is the first choice of the developers when they have to select a CMS. The famous developer communities like Twitter Developers, AOL Developers, Symantec Connect, BrightCove Developers, and DivX Labs. Let us have a look on them one by one.

Twitter Developers

Twitter Developers are now on DrupalTwitter Developers are now on Drupal

Symantec Connect

Symantec Connect on DrupalSymantec Connect, its blogger network, and Developer Platform are on Drupal

BrightCove Developers

BrightCove is running on DrupalEye-catchy Developer Platform of BrightCove is running on Drupal

DivX Labs

DivX Labs Developer Community also employs DrupalDivX Labs Developer Community also employs Drupal

Corporate Websites

The Corporate Websites often ask for a CMS, which offers more security and features than others. Why not to give a try to Drupal?


Intel Corporation is using DrupalIntel Corporation is using Drupal for its AppUp Developer Program Website


AT&T is using DrupalAT&T is also using Drupal for its Apps-beta Website

Governmental Websites

Why will Government Agencies stay behind on using Drupal? The world-famous White House runs its own Website on Drupal. They have also donated the modified source code to for more features.

White House

WhiteHouse considers DrupalWhiteHouse also considers Drupal to run its Website

UK Government considers DrupalUK Government also considers Drupal to run their Website


After seeing above examples, one should consider Drupal to run his/her Website on it. The open-source nature of Drupal and its sophisticated structure provides a secured, expandable, and feature-rich environment to us. We invite our readers to share their thoughts about Drupal and their experience on it.

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